Friday, January 01, 2016

Tall Dark Stranger

One of my (many) weird habits is "collecting" horoscopes, i.e. either tearing out the pages from magazines or simply taking pictures of them and then looking at them a year later to see if anything actually happened. As we know (we do, right?) astrology is not an exact science so this is quite a reliable source of amusement. Above, you see one of my (= Aquarius) horoscopes for the past year. Apparently, I met the man of my dreams "between June and October". Hm, somehow he must have escaped my attention or looked the other way when our paths crossed. Damn! There is hope, however, as apparently 2016 is THE year for aquarii and I am due to meet the man of my dreams 2.0 already in February. Can you please remind me to be extra alert during the period from Feb 13 through 26?


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