Thursday, March 17, 2016

And then THIS Happened

 We kind of saw this coming, didn't we? I still have not sold any of the stuff I put on the classified site (got stood up by 2 people who said they wanted to buy some of the cheaper things) but while I was in Sofia I searched for "vuitton" again and discovered this vintage (as in 10+ years old) backpack in Epi leather that is as good as new for a very, very attractive price. Believe it or not, this type of LV bag, called "Gobelins" was my first exposure to the brand which I previously thought only came in its characteristic and often (badly) copied monogram variety. My ex-boyfriend's lovely sister bought this backpack in brown on a Visit to Vienna and back then, having just begun working for peanuts at Coma HQ I was beyond shocked that somebody in their right mind could possibly fork out as much money for a handbag, brand or not. Seriously, I found it obscene, even though it worked out somewhat cheaper for her as she was able to claim a tax refund at the airport. I now got mine for the price of an entry-level Marc by Marc Jacobs or Michael Kors bag and didn't even flinch when handing over the cash. My new 11" laptop also fits inside.
 The only branding is a discreet embossed monogram on the front pocket, which I like:
Since I got a big fat amount of money back from the tax office after filing my tax return for last year I was contemplating the purchase of a new (smaller) wallet and card holder and walked into the LV store close to my office on Monday. There, I had to deal with the bitchiest, unmotivated SA ever. It turned out they did not have any of the items I was interested in anyway, but even if they had, I would have been tempted to ask for someone else to prevent her from getting commission (which I assume they get). My guess is that I looked like a thief of leather goods and her personal time, but she really annoyed me and I ended up placing an order online. Not at LV. Stay tuned.


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