Friday, September 06, 2013

What I've been up to

Hello, my lovelies. Don't you just love a changing room selfie? Well, I do anyway. Today I dropped into H&M in my lunch break to check out their denim offerings and walked out with this beauty (loving the details on the thighs) and a "retro" light blue one. The Gazelle had put me into the mood for light blue jeans when she wore a pretty amazing pair of maternity (yep, there's a Mini Gazelle in the making) jeans.
Other than that, I had a pretty busy week at work, mainly due to me having, ahem, slacked a bit recently, baked my favourite plum cake again and saw it being devoured by my colleagues in record time. You should really try it, it's simple and delicious. I do recommend to use half a teaspoon of cardamom max to make it suitable for central European palates...I also made a vegan Oreo cookie pie last night, with the intention to bring it into the office as well, but then realised that it really needs to be in the freezer as opposed to the fridge where I had left it overnight. So frozen it is now. The main reason why I tried it was because I wanted to see for myself how you could substitute cream by blending cashew nuts in the Vitamix. Pretty impressive!
I also had lunch with Amica (who showered with goodies from Scotland), went for after-work drinks to one of our old haunts with my colleagues, got one step closer with my bedroom-revamping-project, went to an exhibition opening with the Gazelle, standing next to the first Austrian supermodel on the shuttle bus to Klosterneuburg. For those interested, she was refreshingly un-botoxed and has aged with grace. I was also reminded that you should only have a pedi when you wear open-toed sandals or flip-flops and had to buy the nailpolish my pedicurist used for much-needed damage mitigation. Aaaand, I took my brand new Burberry trench on its maiden cruise and gave myself a symbolic pat in the shoulder for getting it as it fits like a glove and the material feels really...classy, there's no other way of saying it.
Oh, and tomorrow night I am going to succumb to Discofever together with my favourite cousin. Yes, her of the neglected blog.
I'm off to Dublin next week and hope to be able to sneak into town to revisit my old hunting grounds. I've arranged to meet two of my flatmates from my Erasmus year and am leaving space in my suitcase for salt & vinegar crisps.
Mwwwah! Until next time.


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