Friday, August 02, 2013

Conversation-Starter Nails...

When I was in Nice last week, I of course had to stop by Sephora. Nobrainer. I didn't buy much, actually, but was glad to see they had the same nail decals on sale for € 2 that I already picked up in Paris.
They already look a bit worse for wear and my cuticles aren't their sexiest in that photo taken on the beach, but you get the idea. Back in Vienna, I replaced those that had chipped and wore them in the office until yesterday. Never ever have so many people commented on my manicure! What was really funny was that some of my male colleagues were particularly fascinated by them and couldn't grasp how you could just stick those on and then get off again. When I paid in shops, staff remarked on them and one lady exclaimed "How adorable, just like the bed linen", which I found interesting as my associations would be more along the lines of dresses, aprons or table linen. Be that as it may, I found that these innocent little nail stickers were the chat-up equivalent of walking your dog. Well, perhaps not chat-up in a romantic sense, but anway...


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