Thursday, July 04, 2013


I consider myself a rather organised and tidy person and in fact am the "kitchen terrorist" in the office who nags everyone else to put their dirty dishes into the dishwasher (with little effect, but never mind), but I am always in awe of people whose desk drawers look very zen and, above all, work related! You might have a colleague with more shoes under her desk than you even have at home...or actually BE that colleague and I have also compiled a humble backup shoe collection myself. However, this is not about shoes, but about the lip product invasion that has gradually happened in my topmost drawer. Undoubtedly, 11 lipsticks and glosses are absolutely vital for survival in the corporate jungle, but then again, it might be just a tad extreme.
What do you think? Any skeletons in your office closet?


Blogger alcessa said...

Ha - I decided to make hoarding impossible before it even occurs so I bought myself a desk without drawers :-)
But I do NEED to have a hand cream on it (right now, Melkfett with Ringelblume) and a Labello or five, otherwise I get unhappy. Also, the number of toy elks standing around nonchalantly in my tiny office is quite ... disconcerting, for someone pushing 41 :-D

7/04/2013 12:03:00 PM  

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