Monday, June 17, 2013

My Weekend in Instagram Pics...

Hello, my lovelies! Summer is here at last (saying this with a low voice so as not to jinx it...) and so I spent Saturday outdoors despite having a bit of a cold. I started the day with home-made milk rice topped with fresh bananas and strawberries. It was good, but I was surprised how rich it tasted, almost as if I had used cream instead of milk. I prefer it a bit lighter and will try with half milk, half water or perhaps soy milk next time.
The Mademoiselle suggested we go swimming in lake Neusiedl and this is what we did. It almost looks like the sea, doesn't it? Well, for us landlocked Austrians it does at least:
Afterwards we enjoyed dinner at Mole West (the food being better than the last time I ate there and was not impressed) and the beautiful sunset. The potted palm trees made it look quite exotic, I found:
Last night, 3 of the lovely book club ladies kept me company and I fed them with maki (as you can see, just rolled up and cut any old way), marinated salmon with sesame-spinach and roast new potatoes and matcha "ice cream" with red beans, preceded by a Cosmopolitan. I liked the main course in particular and will definitely buy fresh salmon from that same fishmonger again.
I hope you also had a good weekend.


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