Saturday, June 01, 2013

Meet My Favourite Colours

I'll probably show you more photos from my Korean archive in the near future, but wanted to share my current obsession for bright colours. Actually, it's not just current, but I've always liked them a lot. With age (jeeez, that makes me sound 90, but you know what I mean) I've also come to know what colours suit me best and which I should better give a wide berth. Take lime green or neon green: I love this colour and it really suits my complexion and hair colour. Whenever I wear these shades, I feel 200 times better looking and always get compliments. Which leads me to my superduperamazing bargain from the H&M online shop, where I just wanted to order some homewear stuff from. I freaking love this combination and the Gazelle immediately ordered the jacket for herself after she tried on mine. It was on sale and cost a mere €12, believe it or not. An incredible price for a linen/cotton mix fabric and really good cut. The long and lightweight cotton jumper only cost €7 and I love it as well. If you click to enlarge the photo you'll see how well it matches the necklace I made myself before my trip to Vegas:
The photo above and the following one shows me in the changing rooms of Peek & Cloppenburg Klagenfurt, a notoriously dangerous place as I inevitably walk out with something or other. This morning, I had just entered the store when I spotted this jacket in an amazing neon-ish orange (the second photo does it more justice) on a sale-rack. Tried it on and was in luuurve:
I'm probably going to remove the sailboat-brooch, but it's kind of cute. I also tried on these patterned trousers you can see hanging in the cubicle, but they didn't look great on me. In the photo, I am wearing a pair of jeggins I got for about €10 in the Sfera sale in Palma and hadn't actually worn before.
Here is a close-up of the blazer that shows the colour more realistically as well as the cute polka-dotted cotton lining:
I already know that I'll get a lot of wear out of these pieces in the coming months. The blazer was €80 instead of €100, so pretty reasonable as well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice colour i most like the red colour coat its nice on u

6/04/2013 01:44:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

they r the nice colours which u show,i also like them.

6/04/2013 01:49:00 PM  

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