Thursday, May 23, 2013

Offline Marketing Victim...

Yesterday, I was trying to drown out the horrible building noise with my YouTube playlist and after I had enough of music, I watched a haul video. As you do. At work. Whatevz. I took a double-take when I saw the amazon ad next to the video I was watching. I had obviously been remarketed excellently, because this was the very bag I had deliberated over the day before. Eventually, I ordered it in the other colour (seen here), even though I had been leaning towards this one for its "summery-ness". Why-oh-why did I even look at this bag, which was not really my predatory pattern, being by (in my book at least) frumpy brand Otto Kern and synthetic. Well, a colleague who was visiting from another office on Tuesday happened to dump the bag in the colour combination I ended up ordering next to my desk. It immediately caught my eye and I asked her where she got it from and if I could lift and inspect it. It passed my test and I was happy to find out it was from the label's current collection and easily available online. cut a long story short, somebody got a new bag.


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