Sunday, April 28, 2013


I know, I know, studs are, like so last season. Nevertheless I bought two pairs of studded shoes this month, one of the super cheap no name variety, the other designer. Let me show you. The first pair (faux leather apart from the insole) I bought on my way to visit the Mademoiselle for a mere €15.90 (regular price, not on sale). They are very comfortable and don't look quite as cheap as they were. At least I like to think they don't:
When there was a "take an extra 20% off all sale items" offer at I couldn't resist those Marc Jacobs mouse flats that by coincidence turned out to have studs as well. You could argue that this pair was on sale because the studs trend is on its way out, but I don't care. I'm usually reluctant to order shoes or trousers from overseas as you never know whether they'll really fit or not unless you know the brand very well and have a pair in another colour already. I did, however, read reviews and eventually ordered them half a size larger (38.5 in my case) which turned out to be a perfect fit. Phew. I love them and those who know me very, very well know why these shoes are so ME:
In general, I try to avoid shoes where you see the toes as I don't find that a particularly appealing look, but as these only show a bit of "décolletage" I don't actually mind: 
The last two photos were taken in Grand Hotel Sofia, hence the "grand" patterns...


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