Monday, April 22, 2013

Business Class

As you know if you've been following this blog for a while, I travel quite frequently for business. I have "Frequent Traveller" status with my Miles & More card, but unlike several people I know I had never ever been upgraded to Business class before (if you don't count a flight from VIE to KLU on the way back from India 11 years ago, which was hardly glamorous). So I was quite happy when boarding my flight to Sofia on Friday afternoon and the turnstile spit out a little slip of paper after I had scanned my barcode (I had checked in online on Friday morning). Yesss!
I finally felt "grown-up" and almost wished I had dressed accordingly to mark the occasion rather than worn jeans and trainers...Even though it's a short flight (1hr and 15 mins on average), I got to enjoy a "schnitzi" (Wiener Schnitzel) and other goodies, served on real dishes, with real cutlery, real glass and a nice serviette. Other than that, I also sat next to the window, which I hardly do when I get to choose the seat as I prefer aisle seats. Nice view:

Pics from spring in Sofia coming up soon.


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