Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Back in Town and Off Again Soon

Hello, my lovelies.
Not much to report here really, other than I survived the cold in the various Baltic capitals (see my Instaweather screenshots below) and much as I loved the action-packed past week was happy to enjoy a rather chilled weekend at home to recharge my batteries for a conference in LAS VEGAS next week. I've never been there and there will be quite a huge crowd of international colleagues so I'm quite excited. This was the "tropical" weather I experienced last week...
Well, what can I say...it went from bad to worse and there's even fewer signs of spring here. Sigh. All the chairs and tables that cafés had optimistically put out some weeks ago are covered in snow:
My flying visits to the Baltics only involved a bit of duty-free shopping and a visit to my usual haunts in Vilnius, such as the Linen store I always raid (bought 3 scarves fro my "pressie stash" this time). I picked up a nice short-sleeved top in the sale at Marks&Spencer:
...and bought some local chocolate in Estonia. Kalev really makes nice sweets and I couldn't resist getting this cute hand-painted marzipan bear, which I ended up giving to the Gazelle as I know I'd never eat it, probably.
I hope you are enjoying nicer weather were you are...


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