Friday, March 08, 2013

Handbag Splurge Or: Happy Women's Day to Meee

Hello, my beautiful women (and men)! Before I show you my little Mallorca haul here, I have a bit of a confession to make. I bought a handbag. A grown-up one. An expensive one of the category "Lie-to-Mum (who is not reading this blog)-about-Pricetag". Well, thankfully,  there's always the Empress, who has long graduated to LV bags on the other side of the fence of  the "cheap" Speedy and Neverfull lines, to readily assure me that it's actually quite reasonably priced. 
Be that as it may, I once more blame the (un)fortunate location of my office right in the centre of Luxury Items Danger Zone. Before I started working there, the brand AKRIS was actually unknown to me. After years of walking past their Vienna store at least twice a day and admiring their window display, I became intrigued and started to drool over their signature AI bag.
Now we will all mercifully forget that a certain person who writes a certain blog might have said that after a not-so-long-ago purchase of a certain LV bag her lust for luxury bags was sated. Ahem. Enter AI in blue. After dragging the Gazelle and a friend, whom we will call the Banker, to the store today, I settled for the more classic blue (first I had this pretty baby in mind, but then decided it's too "one season" compared with the one I got). I love many things about it, such as the fact that it's so classic and has no logo whatsoever displayed anywhere and that you can wear it in 3 different ways.
So. I ended up buying a little present to celebrate...erm...what was it again...yes!...International Women's Day. I hope you approve.
 Peeking out from the dust bag

With the sides folded inside

And with the sides folded outside to create the AI's signature trapezoid shape

There's also a detachable small "wristlet" inside. The colour is closer to pictures 2-4 in real life.


Blogger alcessa said...

Oh, I like it a lot. The colour! And the different shapes (and possibilities) - WOW :-) (I mean it)

3/08/2013 09:14:00 PM  
Blogger onemorehandbag said...

Thanks, Alcessa! I'm glad you share my enthusiasm ;-)

3/08/2013 09:30:00 PM  

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