Sunday, February 24, 2013

Back Soon, My Little Pets...

Hi, Everyone! I'm back in Vienna after a short business trip to Zurich and even though I got more airport quality time than I had wished for due to a cancelled flight in ZRH, I'm headed for VIE airport soon, this time for pleasure, not business. From Tues to Fri I'll be in Mallorca with my Mum. The weather forecast has rainy cloud symbol for each of these days, but I'm optimistic and it's not a beach vacation, but a sightseeing one after all. Also, there might be one or two shops or nice cafés to hide in, should it rain...
Don't expect to see a post until after next weekend, WiFi permitting, I'll probably be sharing pictures on Instagram, though.
In the meantime, enjoy this picture of de rigeur dog fashion 2013 as seen on Graben, Vienna, earlier today...
And there's also something to look forward to: I perfected my macarons recipe and after baking 3 different versions on 3 consecutive weekends  feel confident that it really is foolproof and shall be posting a step-by-step tutorial here. Stay tuned!


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