Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Year Older and...Utterly Addicted!

Yesterday, I turned a year older (nope, still no midlife crisis) and had a great day. Being the prototypical "transparent customer" with loyalty cards from every imaginable store, I have enjoyed several freebies on the occasion of my b-day on top of presents from people who actually know me. Among the former, a free drink of my choice from Starbucks where I am a card-holding member, too. I'm actually on fast-track to become a "gold member" and this surprises nobody more than me. In general, I'm not a particular fan of Starbucks, neither of their coffee, nor food offerings. But. BUT. As I have mentioned here before I am a big fan of their matcha lattes. This is the first time I am aware of that they are offering them - for a limited time - in Austria and I have stopped at the branch nearest to my office almost every single day for a post-lunch treat. For some inexplicable reason, they have decided to enhance the tea with melon syrup (yuck!) here, but if you leave that out and ask for soymilk instead of regular, it tastes just like in Japan.
More on the pressies I got from friends and family this year coming soon.


Blogger alcessa said...

Happy birthday and many happy retailtherapies! Erm ... :-)

1/30/2013 03:27:00 PM  

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