Sunday, January 20, 2013

Divine Veggie Gratin With Feta

Hello, my lovelies! I arrived in Belgrade this afternoon (more about that later) and just quickly wanted to share the delicious veggie dinner I conjured up on Saturday. I won't give you exact quantities as it depends if you are starving like I was and end up eating the whole contents of the ovenproof dish or just need a healthy side. Here's what I did:
I peeled and coarsely chopped potatoes (6 very small ones) and parsnips (2) and then washed a small Hokkaido pumpkin and chopped up half of it with the peel. I put everything in a dish with a bit of olive oil drizzled on the bottom, then seasoned with freshly ground pepper, Maldon sea salt and, for extra spice, a bit of "Cajun rub". Alternatively, you can add chilli and/or garlic. Since I love rosemary, I added 3 twigs on top and drizzled more oil on top. I only threw in a bit of parsley as it came with the parsnips,  in case you are wondering.
I then covered with aluminium foil and put into the oven preheated to 200° (fan setting of your convection oven). It depends on the size of your chunks, but mine were fairly big, so I left it in for about 45 mins. I then put some coarsely diced feta on top and returned the babies to the oven for another 15 minutes or so, uncovered this time. You can also switch to grill if you have that option.
 I ate it with a side of mixed green salad and it was a really good meal, even if I say so myself...
If you don't fancy one of the ingredients, you could also use carrots, beetroot or sweet potato. Good luck!


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