Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Rags

Hi, everyone. I hope you're enjoying some (quiet) days off, overindulging in sweet and greasy things like you're supposed to at this time of the year. Myself, I've read on average one book a day, eaten my fair share of said things, been skiing twice (sunshine and hardly anybody on the slopes: that's the way I like it!) and done some DIY projects. I've also made two shortish trips downtown to check out the sales and come back with two things. More on that later. First of all, I wanted to show you the surprise things I got by my Mum. My parents and I agreed to only exchange "small" gifts this year. Quotation marks as the definition obviously varies, but pretty much along the lines of books, CDs and other not really costly items because none of us had any ideas and or needs this year. My Dad ordered some things from my Amazon wishlist, both parents gave me lovely calendars they made and Mum got me some clothes that I didn't expect. First of all, a cool pair of patterned trousers from Gerry Weber (! surprisingly stylish for that brand) and a matching jumper from Jackpot. I really like both and have already worn them separately.
She sewed me a skirt out of a beautiful tweed/tartan material and made a matching scarf (lined with Indian silk, self-imported). As she definitely beats me when it comes to overaccessorising, she also went ahead and made a matching necklace and crochet hat. Below is the full set:
And now for my bargains. The wool/angora blend jumper is from Benetton (EUR 22 on sale) and is more like the colour of the blanket on the topmost two photos in real life. I only realised back at my parents' place that it is the same red as the one in the GW trousers and have already worn that combination.
At Peek&Cloppenburg I got a basic/conservative grey wool cardigan (reduced to EUR 49) that I really like and which will come in handy on business travels.
I'm happy with both my presents and sale finds and will get plenty of wear out of all of them.


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