Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanks. Giving

I am sorry I have not posted much here recently, but basically I have been and will continue to be on business trips pretty much non-stop until December 14. This week I have been to Paris and Zurich and am actually writing this in Zurich. 

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about a lot of "deep" subjects such as happiness, satisfaction and what really counts in life for a variety of reasons. You could say it's the kind of reflecting you usually do around New Year's come early...

Unfortunately, certain periods of time are not good ones for everyone at the same time, just as years are not entirely good or bad for one person. An awful and upsetting thing that brought tears to my eyes happened to a good friend of mine recently and had me wondering whether life has to be a bitch occasionally before it shows its nice side and whether there actually is a "purpose" to bad experiences.

Personally, I have resigned myself to the fact that life will always be a rollercoaster and there is hardly a time when things are nice and fluffy on all fronts. When you are happy on the job front, your love-life sucks and/or someone you love falls ill or dies, or there's something else to worry about. 

Last autum, I received some (health-related) shocker news shortly before going to Sydney that made me prioritise things differently and decide to take my personal happiness more seriously and say "no" to what I was uncomfortable about. I can only recommend it, even if at times it is scary and you have to step out of your comfort zone. It took me a while to practice what I preach, though, and remind myself that life's too short to be miserable all the time.

At the beginning of this year, I felt so awful and depressed at work you have no idea. Well, even many of my best friends in fact had no idea and told me not to exaggerate when I mentioned I was thinking of quitting, telling me to think of my above-average salary and the perks that came with my job. It was only when I realised I was this close to adding to the burnout-statistics that the silver lining on the horizon turned up and I have started to realise that the impossible seemed possible. I am actually loving my (new) job. Not just bearing it, with the thought of the paycheck and perks keeping me going halfhartedly, but thanks to a different team and the best of all bosses I feel appreciated and motivated. I am loving the travelling and challenges (much as I dislike this word, actually) and the fact that I feel I am making an impact. Who would have thought.

Looking back on the months when I dreaded going to work on Sunday nights and felt strangely trapped in my own life, I am so grateful this year has decided to be nice to me at least on this front.

So if you're feeling unhappy, not appreciated enough or have just experienced a loss: hang in there!


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