Monday, October 29, 2012

Sometimes, Though, I Show Restraint

Although yesterday's post might have led you to believe the very opposite, sometimes I do show a little restraint and actually enjoy what I call "shopping by proxy", i.e. get a kick when my friends buy something beautiful that I would have liked as well. Last Sunday, the Gazelle and I went to the Blickfang Art and Design Fair in Vienna and I (who else) spotted a gorgeous orange and gold clutch. My instincts said "Hunt!" "Snatch!" "Grab!" all together, but then I reminded myself of a certain LV purchase not too long ago in Paris and dragged the Gazelle to the stall. Luckily, she totally agreed with me and the clutch was an orphan no longer. Isn't she a beauty? The label is called Tankai.
With flash. Don't you love the heart-shaped details? Cute without being cutesy.
Without flash and just as attractive.


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