Monday, October 22, 2012

Paris (and Japan) Haul

So here is the promised Paris haul. Pretty ribbons for bracelets from La Droguerie was the only thing I actually "needed". Sorry for the somewhat weird photo taken through the transparent plastic bag:
Our first stop was at Uniqlo, one of my favourite shops ever. The Paris branch is pretty cool and they seem to have a specifically French collection there. Last year, I got a white shirt made of French linen (excellent quality) and this year they had a Comptoir des Cotonniers cooperation going on. They had lovely cashmere jumpers, cardigans and dresses, but personally, I find cashmere too warm for most workplaces and it's not really worth the investment for weekends only. I do have some cashmere jumpers, but don't really need more. In fact, the material I love particularly is merino wool and as I'm in my "electric blue phase" I got a jumper in this colour. In real life (picture below taken with flash) it's darker and with more of a purple undertone:
The coolest Uniqlo purchase is hidden in the purple "sausage" on the right of the photo below, but wait a bit. I got a "Heattech" long-sleeved shirt in grey as I already own one of the Heattech line and like the feel of it. What is hidden in the sausage roll is actually a superduper-lightweight down coat or rather jacket-that-covers-your-bum!
This is the down jacket unpacked and modelled by me. Not the most flattering angle, but you get the idea and the colour comes out better in the photo below, which was taken without flash:
I actually did "need" something else. I was looking for slipper-style shoes and found them on the shoe-floor of Printemps. They are by the brand André and I always compulsively need to pronounce it the Viennese way ("Ondreeeeh") as in André Heller. As you can clearly see they are black and have a tassel. What you can not see ist that they are just as comfortable as actual slippers. Love them:

When I returned to my flat late on Sunday night, I found a heap of goodies left behind by my Mum who came back from Japan on Saturday and spent the night in my flat. I love everything she got me, including a gorgeous vintage kimono (underneath the magazine and wasabi rice-crackers). I need to find an obi for it now!


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