Monday, October 01, 2012

Good(ie) Day!

One trivial, but still very nice advantage of my recent frequent flying is that when I return to the office after a week or so of absence I frequently find that online shopping deliveries have piled up on my desk, which always feels a bit like Christmas come early. Childish, I know...

Today was one of those days. First of all, I finally received the rose gold plated "VIP bracelet" I ordered weeks ago. I had seen a picture in a German magazine and so had half of Germany, apparently, which meant that it was out of stock. I really like the design and had my name engraved in it, too:
 The second delivery was from NARS. I love their stylish packaging/product design:
The September Glossybox also arrived last week and was waiting for me on my desk. It is blue and has an Oktoberfest/Bavarian motto:
I'm quite happy with this month's contents and will get good use out of all of it (apart from the nail foils with Bavarian colours, not pictured). I readily admit that I await these boxes with great suspense every month.

In my lunch-break I met Amica, who had a bag of goodies from various countries for me, including a mini-bag for coins and phone (how did I not have this in my collection until now?!) Kusmi tea and chocolate from La Cure Gourmandie, a store I fondly remember from Nice.


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