Saturday, September 22, 2012

Meet Flocki 2.0

Yesterday I picked up Flocki's successor (Flocki 2.0) from the car dealer. I received the obligatory bunch of flowers, posed for a photo and drove off with my new treasure. I have yet to get used to the quantum leap in technology (remember, the original Flocki was a 1995 vintage without AC or other mod cons), but have liked the experience of driving him so far.

According to my research, he's made in Japan (with complimentary radiation?) and called Ractis in the Japanese market. Well, personally, I prefer his European name, Verso-S as Ractis makes me think of a rash in your nether regions or something equally unpleasant. This is probably what Toyota's marketing masterminds thought as well and therefore rebranded it for the overseas market.
Here he is, shiny white like his predecessor:
The first excursion was to a Hofer supermarket...not very glamourous ;-)
Now in Dubai, driving this type of car would equal coolness-factor-suicide, but as I don't have a car-fetish (nor the type of budget that allows you to buy a Porsche or Ferrari without blinking) and deliberately wanted a Japanese friend again, I'm very happy with my choice.


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