Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Getting There

I'm back in Ljubljana, where I'm once more staying at the Plaza hotel in the city's "BTC ghetto", pretty far away from the centre. Remember my complaints about the lack of a bathtub or kettle? Well, at least the latter has been remedied since my last visit and I was rather pleased to find this in my room:
Housekeeping has yet to be trained to take away used cups with soaked teabags in them (as left behind in my otherwise cleaned and refreshed room today), but it is a major improvement.

On my first visit, I was more or less the only visitor at the hotel, but they must have since signed deals with Asian tour-operators as the hotel is now full of bus-loads of Chinese-looking people and individual travellers are asked to take breakfast in a comparatively small "fenced-in" section of the dining room.

The weather is always worst when I'm in Ljubljana on business and right away I was greeted by a pea-souper of a dense fog this morning that was reminiscent of winter fogs in Klagenfurt, the unofficial capital of foggy weather...


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