Saturday, September 29, 2012

Culinary Delights, Home & Abroad

I came back from sunny Sofia yesterday and have just finished washing my dirty laundry and unpacking my suitcase. I've already mentioned here that I really like the city, but I don't think I've praised the incredibly tasty Bulgarian tomatoes enough. Seriously, they are a-ma-zing! I'm not usually a tomato aficionado, but that's probably because the types you get elsewhere, even if you go for expensive and organic, are only so-so in taste. In Sofia, however, every single one of my colleagues from different countries agreed that they would be happy just with a starter or salad as long as it contained tomatoes. We went to several really nice restaurants with amazing meat and fish dishes as well, but the tomatoes are what impressed us most. Unfortunately I only took a slightly blurry picture with my phone, but you get the idea what mozarella with tomatoes looks like there:

The English menu calls this big, fleshy type "pink tomatoes" and indeed they are somewhat pale, which elsewhere would be a sign of inferior taste. Trust me, they may be pale, but they are so tasty that you realise what kind of "plastic" masquerading as tomatoes you've been eating all these years. Personally, they remind me of the incredibly delicious tomatoes from my granny's allotment plot when I was a kid. In fact, all vegetables I tried in Sofia were outstanding and so were the dairy products, but those tomatoes are simply a league of their own.

What I love most about autumn and the fact that I'm not going near VIE airport for more than a week is that I can indulge in one of my favourite hobbies, baking. I love baking in all seasons, but in the heat of summer I often can't bear heating up my kitchen some more. I picked a bag of apples in my parents' garden last weekend and therefore decided to try a recipe with apples. I went for one I had torn out of an Australian newspaper supplement. It's called "spiced apple tea cake" and I just tried a piece: yum!
Wishing you all a great Saturday night (with or without "fever") and Sunday.


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