Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ze Funny Polish...

So what do you think this is? Something to eat, right? Well, when a girl in the mall offered it to me on a tray she held at chin-level (mine), I thanked her and popped it into my mouth. "Don't eat it, it's soap", she shouted, clearly enjoying herself. I spit it out and she immediately reached for the bag of chewing gum she had nearby. "People do it all the time, so I have gum". Erm...right. Maybe if you explained what it was before they pop it into their mouth, they would not do it all the time. In any case, I got rid of the soapy taste and my colleague who had not been quite as greedy at me had something to laugh about.

Second bizarre anecdote on the same day: dinner with same colleague and another one, who lives in Warsaw. He recommended her what beer to pick from the menu as it was his favourite brand and when it was his turn to order he said he wanted that same beer. Waitress: "There is a problem. It is not a beer." We: "? It is not a beer?" It turned out, they were not serving alcohol that night/week/whatever. The colleague then said he'd take a milkshake instead (odd substitute for beer, but never mind) and asked if he could have a chocolate milkshake. Waitress: "Sorry, there is a problem. We do not have chocolate." He ended up taking up a strawberry milkshake and interstingly enough the other colleague's cheesecake with hot chocolate sauce came with that chocolate component. We were beginning to wonder if it was some kind of bizarre religious holiday or they didn't serve beer and chocolate milkshakes on Tuesdays, but then went to another place for drinks and they did serve beer and mojitos for sure...


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