Sunday, October 28, 2012

Define "Problem"

Ok, so I might have a little nailpolish-hoarding-problem. Possibly. I mean, it all depends on your standards. I've actually started following several nailpolish blogs (it's a parallel universe, trust me) and compared to their collection mine is meagre. Still, I've gotten into the habit of returning from every business trip with a handful of bottles of nailpolish. And as we know I've been on quite a few business trips lately. Here's the latest exploits from Warsaw, courtesy of Sephora and Inglot. The second photo shows two online orders, so I suppose I cannot blame it on trips abroad alone...
Speaking of "problems"...even though I am a self-confessed handbag addict and don't think I have a shoe-fetish at all, I have to admit that my shoe "collection" is approaching the 3-digit range. My latest two purchases were made in Klagenfurt, so I guess fall into the "trip" category as well. They are from a brand called Waldviertler, which is famous for a certain type of shoes that I find extremely ugly, especially when worn by men. On my last trip to KLU by train, the on-board-magazine had a brochure from GEA/Waldviertler attached to it and when I leaved through it, I really liked their boots and sought out the shop there. They also come in black, but I liked the ruby red better:
Yesterday I finally completed my mission for ankle-boots with an elastic on the side. I did find some with an elastic in contrasting colours, but they didn't have any in my size that matched any of my coats or winter jackets, so I decided to go for this dove-grey pair which I really like and which -thanks to the suede - is very comfortable: 
I'm flying to Hamburg tomorrow and am determined (sort of) not to even look at nailpolishes.


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