Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Sad Story of the Disappearing Glove...

In general, I'm not someone who misplaces or loses things. There is, however, one notable exeption: gloves. I blame my shallow coat pockets that result in them just falling out of them. This of course never happens to the cheap H&M variety, but only to nice leather or cashmere specimens. The collection pictured above is actually only the tip of the iceberg if you so will, I have used single gloves for polishing shoes or abused them for other menial tasks. 

The one on the far right was a gift from the Mermaid that I took particular care of. Last Saturday I was aware that the jacket I was wearing was a potential "glove-diminisher" and painstakingly took care to store them in my bag when indoors. However, it must have been the short walk to my my local supermarket that resulted in the loss. I was really annoyed about this and retraced my steps that evening. I was even more annoyed, when I lost one of my new grey gloves bought in Helsinki last week yesterday. Aarrrrghhhh! I have no idea when and where that happened, but when I left the restaurant after lunch I realised I had only 50% of my "glovage" left. Again, I retraced my steps and asked in the shop where I suspect I left it. 

So - let me know if you know of a museum that collects single cloves, have creative ideas for recycling them or have a personal fetish for them...


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