Friday, December 21, 2012

Santa Brings Glitter!

So if the world hasn't ended yet, you'll be seing this post I wrote on December 20 and programmed to appear on the 21st. If it has in fact ended...well, I suppose we're all in this together.

While some of my colleagues have been receiving various little gifts from clients, all the parcels I got where the ones I'd ordered (and paid for) myself. Ahem. My enthusiasm was just as big, mind you. On Wednesday, I received both the November (top) and December (bottom) glossyboxes. Yay! I was pretty happy with them although it gets a bit inflational if you get two on the same day (which actually only happened as they had messed up the regular November delivery):
As if that was not beauty products overkill enough for one day, I also received the Butter London Christmas LE trio I had ordered on Amazon when it was on offer in their advent calendar. I already played around with them and all the pink and silver glitters in particular are very pretty:
I also got a J Crew delivery that day but won't bore you with a picture of basic long-sleeved shirts I bought in the Sale.

I hope you've been getting nice parcels as well, be they presents from other people or yourself...


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