Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Playing With Make-Up

Hello, honeybunnies! Or rather "chanibanis" as my Balkan friends would say... My Croatian and Slovenian colleagues left by car this afternoon, leaving me to entertain myself in BEG. Well, after a night out in which 54 rakija were consumed by 6 people and I inhaled enough cigarette smoke for 3 lives (2 of my colleagues smoked 1 pack of 20 each in the restaurant) I don't actually mind a quiet night in my hotel room...
Perfect time to do some "homework" and upload some pics of my recent make-up experiment, right?
I was brought up not to waste food, nor other things and my Mum must have invented the concept of upcycling before it became widely known. So when I realised I had 2 lipglosses in my collection of lip products that I was not going to finish in this life, I decided to take action and merge them. One lipgloss (by Benefit) was "nude" in colour, something that does simply not look good on me, whose natural lip colour is very pale and who has a sallow complexion. The other (a MAC LE) was actually too dark and a bit too orangey and glossy for my taste and it had also begun to separate.
First off, I put both into a mug filled with water I boiled in the kettle. I made sure that the water came up to lipgloss-level:
Once both glosses had become more runny in consistency (I changed the water twice, i.e. threw out the cold and refilled with hot water) and what was sticking to the side had dripped back down, I unscrewed the tops and put the dark gloss on top of the nude one, fixing it with a bit of painter's tape and letting it stand upright in a small shot glass to encourage the top gloss to drip down to the bottom one.
 I actually allowed it half a day, so be patient. It depends on the consistency of your gloss and the colour intensity you want, as well. It doesn't hurt to repeat the hot-water soaking at the end and/or stir with a wooden skewer. I am really happy with both the colour and texture of the finished gloss, which lightly shimmers and reminds me of my favourite Mac Vivaglam lipgloss:
I was unable to take any decent pictures of myself with my normal camera, so eventually resorted to my mobile phone to give you an idea of the colour on my lips:
Have you ever done something like that? And I mean AS A GROWN-UP as we've all carried out several beauty-related experiments in our tender youth that involved ruining some adult family-member's precious products, decorating furniture while we were at it, or cutting a defenseless younger sibling's or friend's hairs in the interest of science...


Blogger alcessa said...

Definitely a better colour! Looks like an enhanced version of your natural lips colour, which is really a beautiful effect here.

Toying with make-up ... Would you say using an old mascara ...*scraps with her foot on the ground and looks away* belongs to this category? And at what mascara age would the game in question mean Toying with life? :-) (when do you throw away old mascara if not used up?)
That's right, I am asking for professional advice :-)

1/24/2013 01:56:00 PM  
Blogger onemorehandbag said...

@ alcessa: haha, I have to admit I not only use Mascara past its recommended (by Marketing, probably) use-by date but actually prefer it when it's not so fresh anymore. Unless you have super-sensitive eyes throw it out when it a) is completely used up or b) when it looks close to "walking away" on its own ;-)

1/24/2013 02:04:00 PM  
Blogger alcessa said...

LOL ... and there I was, reading about all those little animals (something called bac-, bact- ... what was it, now) and wondering whether I am the last woman on Earth hoarding mascara :-)

1/24/2013 02:41:00 PM  

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