Monday, March 04, 2013

My PMI Impressions

Before I torture you with more macaron trivia, some pictures from my mini-trip to Palma di Mallorca. This was my first visit and I have to admit that I used to associate it with beach holidays and hordes of drunk Germans only. Off-season, I didn't even see any beaches and yes, the tourists were mostly German, but predominantly aged 70+ and quite sober. Palma is a very nice town and reminded me of Nice as well as Malta. It has quite a few shopportunities, too (more about that later) and delicious hot chocolate (the dense kind, not the cocoa one) almost everywhere. The weather was quite mild and even though we were glad we had brought our (thin, Uniqlo) down jackets oranges and lemons were ripe everywhere and palm trees were a lush green. Like a good employee I got sick on vacation. and am now fit and at my desk again... I actually was afraid that I would jinx it with my recent know-it-all post and get a cold as soon as I hit "post", but at least it was over quite soon. No doubt due to my genius method, eh? I don't know if this is just an urban legend, but I once heard that flight attendants are not allowed to fly when they have a cold. Well, after experiencing the sensation of your ears almost "exploding" when landing, I can understand why...Other than that I had epic nose-bleeds in the most awkward places, but once back I was healthy enough to go skiing on Sunday and it was a great day with perfect snow and glorious sunshine. So here's a peek into my Mallorca photo-album:


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