Sunday, March 17, 2013

While I'm Away... week hopping from one Baltic capital to the next (fingers crossed for no delayed flights or other means of public transport!), I'm leaving you with some food porn. After all, I haven't tortured delighted you with any macaron pics for over a week. Gasp. Meet coconut macarons with passionfruit curd filling. They were very favourably received by my test group and according to the Gazelle were the best yet and I was welcome to make them again. Even though I have a weekness for salted caramel and all things matcha, I think I agree as the curd was beyond divine. Don't they look just luscious?
For the actual macs, I slightly adapted my standard recipe. In case you have tried it out and not had great results, persevere, my friends! Practice really does make perfect and mine are getting more "professional" every time. What I did was use half coconut flakes and half almonds, chopping it up in the blender as usual. I reduced the icing sugar to 200g as coconuts are sweeter than almonds already, at least to my taste. I am going to try it with the almonds next time as well in order to make the dough less sweet. It didn't seem to impact the consistency. After my recent success with passionfruit I really wanted to make a filling with them and tried out this super-easy recipe that produced two jam-jars full of extremely delicious curd. Even though the seeds are edible and supposedly good for you, I tried to avoid them for the macaron filling as best as I could as I found it better for such a delicate pastry.
Since my last macaron creation, the piping bag 2.0 thingie I had ordered online arrived and I want to let you know that you can learn from my mistake and should NOT waste your money on it. I ended up scooping the goo out again as I was not happy with its performance at all. So if you see a contraption like this, don't buy:
I had bought it for the stand, not knowing that it's only compatible for this "system". Ah well...

More soon(ish).

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