Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The B**** is Back in Town

Hello, my lovelies! I came back from Las Vegas via London late last night and took today off for chilling and unpacking. I'll share my shopping exploits and pics of all the bizarre things from this "Disney Land with alcohol and gambling" later this week. Like Dubai, Las Vegas is definitely not the type of place where I would choose to fly with my own hard-earned money, but cool to visit and explore on company money. As the famous welcome sign proclaims, it is indeed "fabulous"in its own sense and I could not resist getting this variation of it as a keychain:
On Saturday, I did a tour to the Grand Canyon, which was really impressive and despite the fact that I'm (sort of) afraid of hights, I also went on the Skywalk. You're not allowed to take anything with you on that so I couldn't take any photos on there, but I took plenty of the Canyon elsewhere. Apart from all the man-made and natural sights I saw, it was also really, really nice to get some vitamin D by soaking up some sunshine, something this spring has been stinging on in Austria so far.
Stay tuned!


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