Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fingers Crossed

I am going on vacation tomorrow.
When Chiquita and I booked our trip to (South) Korea months ago, most people I told where mildly amused. It's not your usual travel destination if you live in Central Europe. I had become curious when several colleagues told me how they loved visiting/studying there and that it was a lot like Japan "only more futuristic even". I liked that and also the fact that KR is known as a mecca for cosmetics (I never pretended NOT to be vain and superficial...) and Chiquita was easily convinced.
Well, the reaction of friends and family changed in recent weeks and now I feel I have to justify my choice of holiday destination for reasons other than it being "exotic" and "unusual". My little crystal ball may be a fit fogged up so that I can't predict the future 100% accurately, but I am, however, quite confident that it will be an amazing trip and that the little chubby friend beyond the border will behave until I'm back.
A little finger crossing might not do any harm, though...


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