Friday, May 24, 2013

Well, Hello!

When I returned to my desk after a video conference in another room, I found a leeeetel parcel waiting on my chair:
I quickly racked my brain to try and remember if I had ordered a wardrobe or...I don't know...husband, judging from the size of it. However, when I saw it was from Amazon and lifted it, I realised it could only be the bag I told you about in the previous post. Yay!
Indeed it was:
I am very happy (or "cheppi" as I like to say ever since being exposed a lot to Balkan accents) with my purchase. My work computer (MacBook Air) fits into it very nicely, it is lightweight and I love the detachable inner bag:
By the way, I was still being remarketed for it yesterday. One is enough, though.


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