Thursday, June 06, 2013

Save It For a Rainy Day...

Last weekend was pretty rainy (or horribly rainy if you happen to live in those parts of Austria that were flooded) and so I tackled some DIY projects I had bookmarked for quite some time. Such as make friendship bracelets. Yep, those things that you last saw on your friends' - and very possibly, your own - wrists when you were a teenager. Same here and I didn't think I would ever make them again. Like cycling or knitting it's pretty much a skill you don't forget easily. I didn't just make any old friendship bracelets, but ones with hearts that had me intrigued when I saw them featured on Honestly...WTF, one of my favourite blogs for DIY inspirations. I had never knotted hearts before, but it was actually very easy. After making the bracelets below out of remnant thread, I went and bought some more in red, pink and white for more traditionally-coloured hearts. If you would like to make some yourselves, the link to the tutorial is here.
I also finally got around to packaging some bracelets I had made earlier and leave them at my parents' in order to be sold to potential visitors to their "home gallery" (my parents are artists). Do you like my logo, made out of pink thread and washi tape? Sorry for the dark photo, taken on that same dark and rainy weekend...
I've also taked out and dusted my neglected sewing machine and have some more projects lined up.


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