Monday, June 03, 2013

Oh, And Meet My Favourite Summer Companions

In the last post, I showed you (some of) my favourite summer colours. Today, I want to show you my favourite wardrobe staple for spring and summer: a white linen shirt from Uniqlo, which I *cough* own 3 more or less identical ones of:
It all started with a trip to Paris (my first visit to the Empress) in May two years ago. I discovered the new Uniqlo near the opera and bought the leftmost shirt in the picture above. Unlike the others it has a label saying "French linen", pockets and the sleeves can be rolled up. I wore it constantly, it travelled to Australia with me and I was happy to discover a similar shirt (on sale) in Tokio last April. Unlike the first one (size S) I immediately assumed that sizes would be a bit different in Asia and went for size M as I didn't want to queue for the changing rooms. It fit and I loved it just as much as its French cousin. In Korea I was not only happy to find Uniqlo, but also that our visit coincided with their "Uniqlo says thank you" promotion days. Another bargain and I couldn't resist picking up another white linen shirt. As it looked identical to its Japanese cousin from 2012, I almost didn't try it on. Thankfully I did as the sleeves were tighter and L looked much better on me. I now own three shirts in 3 different sizes that all fit me and that I will continue to wear alternatingly.
Honestly, I don't know how I was able to survive previously without at least one of these in my wardrobe: super-light in summer, casual but not too much so, great when worn jacket-style over a sleeveless top as well and while they crease quite easily, they are simply a dream to iron. I'm not joking - the iron just glides over them and they look perfect and feel "starched" in no time. Amazing quality for a really good price (around €30). 


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