Wednesday, June 26, 2013

5 Random Facts About Me

Until I get back from Paris, I thought I'd do something I LOVE reading on other people's blogs. Here are 5 random facts about me. Maybe not so new to people who know me in person (and which actually make up the majority of readers of this blog, I suspect), but here goes anyway...

1. My hair is naturally "multi-coloured", i.e. quite blonde on the top layers and a medium brown where the sun never hits it because it is very thick and I have a lot of it.
2. In my previous job I had the opportunity to take photos of the Emperor of Japan and other members of the Imperial Family.
3. I have not actually counted how many handbags I own, but they are still in the double-digits-range. I hope.
4. If - God forbid! - I were to lose either my eyesight or my sense of smell, I would rather give up the first as I am a compuslive "sniffer" and can tell scents apart quite well.
5. I have never had a Facebook account and am not planning to open one.


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