Monday, June 24, 2013

Blending into the Background

Hi, my honeubunnies! I know it's been quiet around here for the last few days, but, honestly, when temperatures rise to the mid-30s°, I don't really feel inclined to spend more quality time with my computer than I have to. Today, it's dramatically cooler, but I still don't feel too inspired to dig through my photo archive and tickle my old brain to remember what I wanted to write about here. So, sorry. On Friday afternoon, the Gazelle and I made a swift exit from the sauna that was our office and went swimming in the "Old Danube". There, a (probably lovesick) frog decided to give everybody a concert by croaking extremely loudly. He was hardly visible among the slimy weeds in the water:
I shall be back soon with some sales finds and other random purchases, including a cult kitchen appliance I ordered online during a very boring event. Ooops. On Thursday night I am off to Paris to visit the Empress. Yaaaaaay!


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