Friday, July 19, 2013

A Saturday With My Favourite Expats

Hi all! I am still trying to go easy on my thumb and not to use it for typing, but I am sure that a week away from my desk (in sunny Nice, yay!) will do it good! What happened to my thumb? Well, the doctors didn't doubt my self diagnosis of "smarthphone thumb" (hey, perhaps I'm the official beta-tester for the Austrian market?), brought on to myself by more-than-usual writing/scrolling with my phone while on a business trip last week. Apparently the thumb is not really suited to that task and I can tell you, don't try this at home, kids, it was very, VERY painful. I took off the bandage yesterday, but it is still sore and feels a bit strange and the doctor told me to continue taking the anti-inflammatory drugs.

Now onto a more cheerful topic. Last Saturday, I happened to meet not one, but two of my favourite expats. First the Empress for a stroll round the first district and a matcha latte. I almost arrived with my LV Neverfull as well, so we would have been twinsies:
I was so happy to see her again even though my trip to Paris is not in the recent past. I guess some people you cannot get enough of and it's crazy that no matter how long you haven't seen the other, you just seamlessly take over where you left off last time you met. This is the type of relationship I have with the Empress and - let's face it - we share a certain type of ...strange humour that few others get.
In the evening, already slightly gaga from the pain in my paw, I was invited for dinner at the Mademoiselle's residence, together with the lovely Australian, who had arrived that afternoon. She was very hungry, so she was that close to devouring the herbs and flowers on M's windowsill... 
Look what she got me! A super cool tote bag with a map of the world and red thread to mark the spots where you've already been. Yay! Perfect gift for this little frequent flyer.
I am going to enjoy more quality time with the Australian and the Mademoiselle on our girly vacation in Nice. More soon and watch those fingers when playing around on your phones!


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