Friday, July 12, 2013

So. Sale

I mentioned a few sale purchases that happened over the last few weeks in addition to what I bought in Paris and the wonderful kitchen nuclear power plant I introduced to you in my last post. So, starting with the most recent purchase, this blouse is something I picked up at TK Maxx in Warsaw. Now this is a store that attracts and revolts me at the same time. I remember seeing it in Dublin first many years ago and not "getting" it. Lots of carelessly presented rags and random pieces of household stuff did not exactly invite me to go crazy. After seeing the Gazelle sport some amazing things she dug out in that same store, I changed my mind.
Well, there is a branch in downtown Warsaw and I picked up this retro blouse (that reminds me of 1960s movies, where the heroine would wear this sitting sideways on a Vespa, her hair tied back with a silk scarf) for the equivalent of 7 Euros. Not bad and so I don't actually feel I broke my self-imoposed shopping embargo at all.
Right before my mini-trip to Paris I couldn't resist the Shopbop sale and ordered this caramel coloured bag from a brand I didn't know before, Steven Alan. I really like it and have worn it a few times already:
Right after Paris when I had already resolved not to buy anything more in the Sale, I happened to drop into COS with the Gazelle and another colleague and, waiting for the latter to emerge from the changing room, tried on this lovely cotton/silk cardigan. Weeeelll...
I couldn't leave without me as you will clearly understand. This is what it looks from the back and sorry for the washed out colours due to sunlight coming into my office window when I took the picture:
The week before that I found the perfect white dress at the same store. I love the pleated front, the pockets and the fact that is has a cotton lining to prevent showing too much flesh underneath. Love!
The pleats and pockets in more detail:
Now bright yellow is one of my all-time favourite colours and really goes well with my (summer) skin tone and hair. This long-sleeved but lightweight viscose blouse from Marc O'Polo was love at first sight. And 50% off, too:
I love the zipper detail at the back:

This blouse has already accompanied me to Paris and will no doubt become a summer love affair. So much about my sale splurges. In retrospect, I think I've actually been quite restrained...


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