Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bits and Bobs

Well, it has been cooler for some days now, but I was still too lazy/busy to post. Here's a collective haul of all my (summer sale) finds from the past 2 months before I go on summer vacation #2, 10 days in KLU.

I accidentally deleted the pic from my SD card, but I also wanted to show you a photo of the cool and very practical 4-wheeler cabin baggage trolley I got from Lipault for €65. I guess nobody else wanted the metallic surface I chose. 
On my first day in Nice, I hit the shops and bought this pair of nice (and very comfortable) studded leather sandals from Comptoir des Cottoniers (60% off):
The morning of the day when I departed for Nice, I got a French pedi at DM as part of a free 3-hours pampering package for having accumulated 1500 loyalty points. I liked the look and wore it for 2 weeks, but as an avid hater of long toe-nails (shudder!), I'm not a particular fan of this look on the toes as it creates the illusion of longer nails...
At Galeries Lafayette, I bought a nice floppy hat for the beach and also picked up two scarves for around €10. They are both huge and extremely lighweight cotton. I got one in blue for my mum and this neon-rimmed one for myself:
Speaking of neon, I was quite intrigued by a brand I had never noticed and which is obviously for a target group 20 years younger than me, but anyway, I popped into a Mim store one day and walked out with this cool jacket for...tadah!...€9:
Back in Vienna, I finally jumped on the "statement necklace" bandwagon, having been to stingy to buy any for full-price. This beauty was 19,90 at Hallhuber and looks very grand and an edgy way. I also picked up this neon yellow bangle for €9 while there. It has a hinge, which is important for me as my hands are strangely un-flexible for wriggling into bracelets despite actually having quite small hands and thin wrists. The purple bag in the background is from Kiko, which was the reason why I went to the mall that has a Hallhuber store... 
I've been loving dainty, stackable rings recently and after having seen "Love" rings at many blogs, was quite thrilled when this gold-plated beauty was back in stock at New One. It was ony €25 and I love it. Here, you can see it with Chanel "Cinema" nailpolish that I bought upon recommendation by the Empress:

As you should know by now, I am a Marketer's dream creature, ordering immediately when somebody sends me an e-mail with a voucher or promises free shipping. Well, Westwing lured me with a voucher and I bought 2 machine-embroidered pillow-cases (with pillow) in this pattern that reminds me of Japan:
This is it for now. On this Wednesday-that-feels-like-a-Friday (as tomorrow is a public holiday here) I am very tempted to wish you all a very happy weekend and I probably won't post before that anyway as the Mademoiselle is accompanying me to Carinthia. 


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