Saturday, August 31, 2013

Taking it SLO-ly

Now what a pun, raaaajt? So I was in Ljubljana from Wed to early this morning. Due to the fact that a colleague from another office didn't make it onto his first plane from Warsaw to Munich on Wednesday morning and couldn't rebook for that day, I more or less had an afternoon to myself. Since my hotel room literally was a single room this time and felt rather claustrophobic I had the perfect excuse to explore the city centre which I hadn't been to properly for quite some time. I discovered that there are several companies advertising boat-trips on the Ljubljanica river and got said colleague to join me a "cruise" on Friday evening. Also on Friday, I made an unexpected purchase (or two) just when I thought that 2 Revlon nailpolishes for 50% off would sum up the damage. Oh little bargain-hunter I spied not one, but two reduced pairs of flats I couldn't resist at Ljubljana's fancy department store Galerija Emporium (pictured in the second night-shot below). And, yes, this is the 4th pair of shoes from the Pretty Ballerinas brand, they are just so comfortable and I have bought every one of them when they were on sale and thus below €100. Here are some impressions from the Slovenian capital in late summer plus my shopping exploits. Oh, and according to a Slovenian colleague, those shoes hanging across various streets in the old town are not art installations, but a tradition where students hang up shoes to mark graduating from high school. Who knew!
Do you find these buggers as hawt as I do? I love the pointed metallic green flats in particular!


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