Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Speechless in Belgrade and Not Your Usual Souvenirs

Hi! I'm currently in Belgrade and have pretty much lost my voice. I don't know if I have succumbed to the same nasty killer virus that had half of Vienna in its throes recently or what the reason is, but it's Cough-and-Croak-Central here. Well, let's not mope. Here's a picture of the lovely view I enjoyed yesterday afternoon:
I also wanted to share my rather unusual souvenirs from Sofia, where I didn't have much time for retail therapy this time. I'm sure you remember my enthusing over the taste explosion that is Bulgarian tomatoes. Well, this time I brought 3 huge specimens home in my hand luggage. At home, I put them on the kitchen scales and found out that they had a combined weight of 1.3 kgs almost... Here they are:
I know they look quite unassuming from the outside, but trust me, they taste like superstars. As pleasure is multiplied when shared, I celebrated a tomato with feta I also got in Sofia with the Mademoiselle, who can give a reference that I wasn't exaggerating.
My return flight last Thursday was after duty free had already closed at Sofia airport, which was quite boring since there basically are no other shops apart from a newsagent and the lounge only admits gold-level frequent flyers. In order to get SOME instant retail fix, I perused the magazine rack for some freebies and got lucky with Bulgarian Grazia (no matter that I can't read it, there's colourful pictures, some of people I recognise...). I couldn't resist that it came with 2 goodies, one being an original Cruciani bracelet, the other a choice of 1 of 4 Hello Kitty! merch items. I went for the wheeled shopping cart. The bargain hunter in me rejoiced about the fact that I got all this for a mere EUR 4:
Know anyone who would like a Bulgarian magazine?


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