Monday, March 30, 2020

Turning Into My Own Grandmother

When my grandparents were retired, two questions dominated their conversation every evening. Come to think of it, my parents also ask themselves exactly these questions as well One of them is "What shall we cook tomorrow", the second "What are we going to watch (on TV) tonight?" Since Highflyer and I don't have a TV here in his house and only ever stream the news, the second question is irrelevant. The first, however, pops into my mind every day and I am looking forward to thinking of conjuring up a wholesome meal from the exploits of our weekly shopping trip or from what his cupboards yield. I guess when there are minimal other distractions and not much you can plan with any certainty, it is important to have something to plan and look forward to, short-term.
I don't mind gradually turning into a (non-desperate) boring suburban housewife one bit and am happy when my kitchen experiments are well received. 48 going on 78, I guess...


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