Monday, February 10, 2020


Everyone who has ever shared a bed with me in any sort of capacity knows of my mildly weird habit. I sleep with something to sniff at while I fall asleep.  Ideally, this is the skin of my loved one, but if he's not there, a t-shirt smelling of him will do the job. When I was single, I used to spray a tiny handkerchief or mini souvenir towel with a (male) scent I really liked.  This started when I was a child and discovered I found the smell of a fresh laundry calming.
Overall, I have a rather well-tuned sense of smell and have been known to surprise people by guessing their perfume right. Once it's in my "archive" I remember it. This also works for not-so-pleasant smells and I can detect the slightest hint of mould (on a piece of fruit for example) as soon as I open my front door.
Smells can trigger very strong emotions in me and I seriously could not date someone whose smell I don't 100% love even if he happens to be the most gorgeous looking human being on earth.
Last winter, Chiquita gifted me the small version of the candle pictured above. It does not smell of weed (a scent I find disgusting at best) even if the name suggests it. It is one of the most pleasant home scents I can imagine and since it is a limited Christmas edition I was sad I could not repurchase it. When I got the full-size candle for my birthday, I was thrilled and its scent makes me feel all warm and cosy. Mmmmhmmmmmmmm.


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