Monday, February 03, 2020

Wishful thinking

Until last year, most of my birthday cards contained a message along the lines of "May all your wishes come true" and/or "Who knows, maybe Prince Charming is in the cards for you this year!". I am not complaining about it as I am guilty as charged and have wished my single friends similar things many times.
This year, most of my friends wished me that "may you be always as happy as you are right now" which exactly reflects my own sentiments and wishes for myself. 
I guess this means that the combined power of birthday cards past worked: my wishes did come true and I did meet my Prince Charming who continues to impress me the better I get to know him. 
Sometimes I would just like to have a little peek into the (hopefully very distant) future when I will have taken off my rose-tinted glasses and grown tired of him or annoyed with him just a little bit. I'm curious when and if this will be the case as right now, I seriously can't imagine it.


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