Monday, January 13, 2020

Ooops, I Did it Again

Buy another (third!) set of ski gear to store at another place in order to have the utmost flexibility for spontaneous ski trips. #sorrynotsorry
I have to admit that a dream of mine came true. Ever since I became pretty enthusiastic about skiing in my twenties, I secretly wished I had a boyfriend who shared my passion. You might think that this is not a difficult thing in Austria. Well, it is when you are together with someone who is not in fact Austrian as was the case with my first long relationship. After that, I did manage to go skiing with men who I wished were my official partners, but they weren't. Definitely better than nothing and I did have a good time, but it was not the same.
Now I have found someone who describes himself as a skiing fanatic and for whom snow-capped mountains in the sunshine are among the most beautiful things to see, just like they are for me. Getting to spend the day indulging in my favourite sport together with my favourite person makes me incredibly happy. If you see someone on the slopes with a wide grin on her face, that will be me!


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