Monday, March 23, 2020

Corona Honeymoon

I don't know Julian. Highflyer doesn't either. But he knows that it was the son of the previous owner of his house (those wooden letters are very sticky, btw) whose room I am now storing my belongings  in and have set up my work station in so I can say I am "going to work" every morning.
I have been living here for 10 days now and am very grateful not to be stuck in my city flat without a balcony or terrace. It was a spontaneous decision even though we don't have wifi here and I'd only ever worked from here before once. In fact, we had previously spent more than 90% of our time together at my place and I really appreciated that. Even though we had seen each other most days when our schedules allowed it and even spent a whole week together in Innsbruck in January, "moving in together" was not on either of our agenda any time soon as the set-up we had worked just fine (see this previous post here). Due to the COVID-19 lockdown and the fact that I can thankfully work from home and he (not so thankfully) can't do his job as an airline pilot at all right now due to all planes being grounded, the decision was taken out of our hands and we've been catapulted into a "married-couple-who-lives-in-a-house-in-the-suburbs" scenario and spending 24/7 together. It's been very harmonious so far and we are both very thankful not to be quarantined somewhere all on our own. I don't envisage great potential for conflict and getting on the other person's nerves, but never say never. I can't imagine anyone else I'd rather be locked down with and even though I wish we could fast forward to the day when life will be "normal" again - assuming it ever will be - part of me  really enjoys this bizarre slow-paced "honeymoon" bubble I find myself in. 


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