Monday, March 02, 2020

There's No Guarantee

Last week, I met a group of former colleagues from the Firm. We're making this a monthly thing and it was really nice to see them, even if we were a small group this time.  One guy who had held quite a senior position and quit his job in Q4 last year dropped a bombshell: he was getting divorced. We were all in shock as his had been the typical "perfect relationship"...viewed from outside at least Pretty, smart and successful wife, a cute son and they seemed to be very much in love the few times I saw them together. In fact, all of us thought they were the perfect couple. Turns out that the old saying that you can't look inside other people, nor their relationships really is true. The two of them are currently exchanging nasty letters written by their respective divorce lawyers while still living together. It's very sad and while he claimed to be over her everyone at the table could not help but think about their own situation and whether it could happen to them, too, that the person they thought they knew inside out suddenly turns to a cold and calculating stranger. It can happen and it might, but like terminal illnesses, we prefer to believe that it only happens to others. It was definitely a sobering reminder that "eternal love" often has an expiry date.


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