Monday, February 24, 2020

Neighbourhood Cornucopia

The picture above is pretty much the daily sight in my building. The windowsill leading to the elevator and staircase is our unofficial "fleamarket corner" or rather "decluttering shelf". Years ago, a guy who lives in one of the rooftop apartments put a handful of things there with a note saying that he'd take care of removing any items that were still there after a week. There weren't any. Ever since then, it has become the space to drop the things you don't want/need anymore and then take a bet if they are still there when you walk past the next time. With one exception, I've only been an avid contributor, not a "taker" (the notebooks above were mine...the animal print bathing suit was NOT) and it's a great feeling that you had something somebody else wanted and didn't have to throw it away or put an ad on any classified site. Do you have a similar space where you live? If not, you should definitely initiate one!


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