Thursday, December 04, 2014

The Answer to my (Bag) Prayers

I have finally found the lightweight leather rucksack that a) comfortably fits my laptop and b) can also be worn as a bag. I bought it for a reasonable price at Yoox, a website that the PP loves and I had successfully avoided until recently. While I was at it, I also bought the cute wool top by Paul Smith (on Sale). Back to the bag. I like the "bucket" style even though I wouldn't mind a proper closure rather than the drawstring to be honest. Still, loving it:
It fits a lot of stuff and has successfully survived its first business trip outing. It's practical and not sporty, which I like, since do own really sporty backpacks as well.

What initially got me lusting after nice leather rucksacks is Mulberry's Cara bag. I had spotted this one in burgundy red in the Mulberry store dangerously close to the office. I went there twice, the second time with my Macbook, but it is super heavy even empty and the lid barely closes when you put the laptop in, which (on top of the hefty price-tag) doesn't really make it a feasible option. The black bag from Yoox is from a brand called "8" and cost less than 200 EUR, so a fraction of the Mulberry bag. I'm very happy with my choice, which does not mean that if - merely hypothetically speaking, of course - there happened to be a mega sale at Mulberry I would not give the Cara bag a second look...


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